• Will inform independent retailers about new regulations and standards
  • Positively promote the wood burning stove and fireplace industry to the public
  • Give independent retailers information to challenge misleading negative PR

One Voice, One Vision. Join Today!

The SIA Retail Group is being launched for the benefit of independent retailers in the Stove and Fireplace Industry.

About SIA Retail Group

The Stove Industry Alliance (“SIA”), formed in 2008, is the trade association for the Stove and Fireplace manufacturers and also includes a number of chimney system and component manufacturers and fuel suppliers.

Over the past 11 years, the SIA has built strong relationships with Defra, BEIS, the London Mayor’s Office, Scottish Parliament and Welsh Assembly and now has regular contact and meetings with all these government bodies, representing the industry’s viewpoints and ensuring that they are taken into consideration in future regulations and legislation.

The SIA also represents the industry in Europe as part of the European Trade Association and as a member of Bioenergy Europe, again promoting the industry viewpoint and trying to ensure that European regulations take account of the UK market’s specific requirements.

Finally, and very importantly in the current climate of negative press, the SIA works to present positive PR on behalf of the industry and to challenge incorrect or misleading information presented about the stove and fireplace industry. For example the SIA launched its Ecodesign Ready products and recent informative videos which can be found at www.stoveindustryalliance.com/sia-videos and is challenging the stories based on the incorrect and misleading comparison with diesel cars and lorries.

  • A Retail Group will allow the SIA to communicate more effectively with retailers, both in terms of disseminating SIA information and activities and also in obtaining valuable feedback from retailers
  • Retail Group members will be fully informed by the SIA on the current issues of air quality, carbon savings and forthcoming regulations and legislation. This will enable the retailers to make better informed decisions and also to communicate this information to the public. SIA infographics and information will be made available to retail members.
  • The SIA is supporting scientific research, which is expected to contradict some of the factually inaccurate stories being negatively supported in the press, and this research will be made available to retail members.
  • It will provide the retailers with a forum for representing their views to Government and regulatory bodies.
  • The SIA’s credibility with government and regulatory bodies will be enhanced by representing retailers as well as manufacturers.
  • The SIA will put out positive PR through retail members, which will help these retailers to do their own local PR. The SIA will provide information to combat negative and inaccurate press reporting. Retailers can draw the SIA’s attention to any negative or inaccurate reporting or social media.
  • The SIA has recently completed a user survey of stove or fireplace users and this information provides some important positive information that will be shared with SIA Retail members.
  • The SIA is looking to introduce new initiatives in 2020, which will inform the public and assist retailers. Retail members will be kept fully informed of any such initiatives and this will give them a competitive advantage.
  • The majority of the additional revenue from the SIA Retail Group will be used by the SIA to appoint an appropriate professional PR company to promote the industry, and to try and reverse some of the current press perceptions about wood burning stoves.

Members would be accredited SIA Retail Members, listed on the SIA website and with a logo they can use to distinguish themselves. Stickers and posters will also be made available to Retail Members.

Grouping together to fund effective professional PR which will recommend the public look for SIA Retail Members, and grow and maintain the market for wood burning stoves and fireplaces, which individually none of us could afford.

Other advantages include:

Being kept informed of regulatory / legislative changes ahead of them arriving and ensuring you can answer any customer concerns on what they have heard being reported.

Having a voice to government representing your interests and highlighting the impact on retailers of any proposed changes.

Knowing what the SIA is doing and what initiatives are coming through, and gaining a competitive advantage by being included in these.

Regular newsletters to keep retailers up to date and also access to the SIA Technical Committee for support and information. The Technical Committee will also represent retailer’s feedback to the authorities drafting new regulations, eg building regulations etc.

Regular SIA Retail Group meetings, giving access to the SIA officers and also a chance to network with other retailers and SIA members as well as getting technical updates and the chance to ask questions or raise issues of concern.

The SIA Retail Group will be a separate sub-group of the SIA with its own Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson, who will be elected from within the membership of the Retail Group by the membership of the Retail Group.

Initially Phil Wood (Contura & ex-Chairman of the SIA) has agreed to act as an interim Chairperson until the Retail Group has been fully established and is able to elect its own Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson.

The Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson of the Retail Group will be on the overall SIA Executive and this will ensure the Retail Group is fully reflected in the SIA’s PR and Government / Regulatory activities.

The overall SIA Chairman will also sit on the Executive of the SIA Retail Group to ensure the Retail Group’s views are reflected in the SIA. The SIA Chairman, Morley Sage, is independent and not affiliated with any specific manufacturer.

Regional meetings will be held which all members will be invited to attend. There are likely to be two meetings a year in each of the regions, with regular newsletters and a retail members area of the SIA website to keep members informed in between meetings.

All members need to be independently retailing Stoves and Fireplaces with showroom displays in the UK. Members who organise installation must do so via an appropriately registered installer, registered under a recognised competent persons scheme.

All members will also have to agree to complying with the terms and conditions of membership, which are set out on the application form, and which basically ensure a good professional code of conduct, providing after sales support and a commitment to only selling appliances which meet the relevant standards.

Introductory Special Prices

Sign up before June 12th 2019 or at Hearth & Home exhibition and pay:

  • Retailers with only one shop - £500 inc VAT (£416.67 ex VAT)
  • Retailers with more than one shop - £850 inc VAT (£708.33 ex VAT)

Usual Prices

  • Retailers with only one shop - £500 ex VAT
  • Retailers with more than one shop - £850 ex VAT

The majority of the funds (ie a minimum of 50%) raised will go towards effective PR and research to further the Stove and Fireplace industry.

How do I join?

The SIA will also be exhibiting at Hearth & Home in Harrogate from 9th - 11th June 2019 and you can apply to join at the exhibition, provided you meet the requirements above.